There are three types of rackets; round, teardrop and diamond. The shape determines the balance on a racket and therefore influences your game. The different types of rackets are explained separately below.

Choosing the right racket is important, it promotes your playing style and enjoyment. Use our 'racketselector' to determine which racket suits you best. The advice you will receive will be based on your experience with other racket sports, whether you are a novice or more advanced player, whether you like a defensive or offensive game, whether you are male or female and whether you have a racket. looking for more power or for control over the ball. All these factors influence the choice of your ideal TUYO racket.

Round rackets are ideal for novice players. Because the balance of the racket is close to the grip, you have better control over the ball. Round rackets have a large 'sweet spot'; the place on the racket where you can hit the ball best. Because of this larger 'sweet spot' you don't always have to hit the ball exactly in the middle - although you should always try to do that... Do you like a defensive game? Even then a round racket is ideal. The shape gives you optimal control over the placement of the balls. 'Smashing' is going to be difficult.

Teardrop shaped rackets are the most popular because they are ideal for 'all round' players with all playing styles. Because the balance with teardrop-shaped rackets is always in the middle of the racket, you can easily switch between an attacking or defensive playing style. This type of racket gives you as a player a good mix of control and power and helps you to make more powerful shots with different effects.

The diamond shape is by far the favorite racket of many professional padel players. With a balance that is high on the racket, this racket gives you the most power while playing. But control over the ball does become more difficult and so you need a lot of padel experience for a diamond-shaped racket. If you have the game under control and you like to play attacking, then the diamond-shaped racket is an excellent choice for you. Especially if you play on the left.

In general, the TUYO rackets weigh between 350-370 grams and are 38 mm thick. The weight per racket can be found in the description of each racket.

All TUYO rackets are made with a carbon fiber frame, also called carbon. Carbon is an extremely hard material that improves the durability of the racket. TUYO does not use the softer (and cheaper) fiberglass. The blades of TUYO rackets are also made of carbon. The hardness varies from 100% carbon to 18K and is indicated on every racket. The filling of our rackets consists of a synthetic foam. This foam, also referred to as 'EVA foam', also has different degrees of hardness. The softer the foam, the more control the racket gives you over the ball. The harder, the more power you can perform with your racket.

How long you last with a racket depends on your playing style and how often you are on the court. At TUYO we assume that an average player can play with the same racket for about a year to a year and a half. Tip: always store your racket in a cover and do not let it get too hot or (too) wet to keep the quality of the foam in good condition for as long as possible.

The TUYO rackets are for sale online so that you can try out the racket at home. Still not satisfied with your purchase? Then you can return the racket free of charge, provided it is in its original condition and you have not removed the plastic from the grip. TUYO rackets are also for sale at some Intersport branches.

The icons on the side of the rackets indicate what the racket is made of. It states what type of racket it is, how heavy it is, what foam it contains and how hard the blade is. On the other side of the racket you can see what the racket does for you; gives it more control or more power.

Shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium is free. Free shipping applies to the rest of Europe on orders from €150.

If you are not satisfied with your racket, you can return it to TUYO free of charge, undamaged and unused in the original packaging, without giving any reason. Do this within 14 days of purchase. As soon as we have received the product back in good condition, we will immediately refund the purchase amount to your account.