We are writing early 2020, COVID lock down in Spanish. As a Dutch entrepreneurial family, we hope to play our favorite game again soon; padel. Because since we moved to the Costa Blanca for a while in 2017, all four of us have become addicted to padel. After football, the number two national sport in Spain.

Totally padelminded

Because we like to share our passions and see that the rest of the world is also increasingly interested in the wildly popular game, we start to fantasize about our own padel brand. Together with our enterprising teenagers we get to work. There follows a time of evenings of brainstorming, months of research and a year of designing. The samples are tested extensively and if we are not careful we only talk about one thing; padel. With each other, with other padel enthusiasts and with professionals. After more than a year, the flag goes out. Our first collection of padel rackets sees the light of day. TUYO is born!


"TUYO" is Spanish for "yours" or "yours". At the same time, TUYO is also a combination of 'TU y YO'. "You and me" in Spanish. Because you do padel together. It's 'fun', social, interactive but also competitive. Everything that TUYO also stands for…

A racket for every player

TUYO always has a current collection of padel rackets for both the novice and the advanced padel player. Sturdy, durable rackets for every player level and style of play. And now also a beautiful collection of bags and accessories. Each one developed in collaboration with Dutch and Spanish padel professionals.